Identifying about your Kids Interest in Cricket
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How will you Identify whether your kid will fit in for Cricket. Many Kids show an Interest in this game of Cricket as they get attracted with ongoing matches happening across in India and in International grounds. According to me, most of the Parents would have played or seen matches in their childhood days and would have an experience about the enjoyment in the game along with physically, mentally and emotionally winning and losing the matches. If your Kid enjoys the game let him starts playing the game. No worries at all. Later on we can identify depending on his seriousness, commitment to pursue it as a Career in Cricket as it has also become an option for Cricket Lovers Unlike before the opportunity now is Open and has an Equal Opportunity for the right talents and if groomed well. Can make a Career in this game. We still Remember 2 decades back. Any of our Parents were asked what the Plan is for your Son / Daughter if by Chance someone said, I want him or her to become a Cricketer then they would have said. That’s OK in Cricket as a Hobby but what graduation are you thinking about for a Job Either Engineering, Medicals (Professional degrees) or any other Graduation etc. as such even the Options known was quite less. Now a day’s if Any Parents ask the Question for Career Plan for their Kids and someone replies as Cricket. Immediately the other person would positively reply saying –Good --Which Zone, League, which Club and which division is he playing. Like most of them also have understood how it would help and work. The Scope has drastically changed and the Kids can really Plan to make a Great Career in this field also now. Sachin Rao