My story

Hi! I’m Sachin Rao

 I come from Northern part of Karnataka. I have played for Karnataka Raichur Zone for 6 Years for under 19 and under 22 formats representing SA Srinivas Trophy 2 decades back.

 I observed that although the Talent was really good in small towns the scope and the opportunity was not there and I thought of this solution which could help maximum kids who are ambitious staying anywhere and everywhere with a simple computer or Laptop or even an Android phone which everyone has now. They can view also and with a single partner with them he/ she can practice and can do well. So with that mind set I have started this packages as Cheap as few Movie Tickets. 

Later on I would also have the coaching both ways as they send the videos we would share where they go wrong and also help them to improve the game.

I also have a Registered Club with KSCA (Karnataka State Cricket Association) for Raichur Zone  Karnataka and I am the Secretary of the Club. 

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