How is the Scope of Playing Cricket

     As it is always said, Cricket is a Gentleman’s game, and also has been seen in every individuals mind now a day. Parents want their kids to start playing Cricket at an early age group as the scope has increased tremendously and even the fresh young talents are booming day by day. 

It is no longer that there were very few talents in 1 corner of the country. Now we have fresh talents and lots of scope for anyone to work harder and take a path in the Career of Cricket. When we remember about Cricket 2 decades ago. 

It was hue and cry when matches were played at International level and even in the busy crowded market areas where there were Electronic showrooms they used to place Television to display and Cricket was on and the crowd used to gather in front of the shop enjoying the Cricket game with full support and the same interest and passion started growing with leaps and bounds day by day and now the interest has multiplied and the opportunity in the field of Cricket has increased.

 Few of the kids have some inborn talents and if groomed well at the early stage they can really become good Players and an Asset to the State /Country. Identifying the talent and rectifying is the key to improve. It was always believed that Practice makes man perfect. But reality is Perfect Practice makes man perfect. 

 As the Opportunity for cricketers have increased. Kids at an age of 7+ and 8+ can start the game also and start improving. Unlike the selections and the Tournaments before which was focused at a later age bracket has reduced for below 10 years for matches and tournaments. 

Also the scope has actually doubled as selections like Schools, District, Zone, League, State teams, IPL, KPL (Inter State Teams) then the Country to check the talents along with regular tournaments happening is the key also encouraging in few nationalized banks, Railways and few Corporate teams also. 

 The Interest among the cricket game has increased tremendously among all sectors of life and in all the locations across the globe. We see fresh talents in smaller towns also and the opportunity is equally open for all of them. Although they have the talent and the game but they lack confidence and exposure which is the requirement for them to improve and go to the next level.

{{1st Aug 2022}}

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